Rock Creek-Dennis Mill Trailhead Direction


Now that the lovely Rock Creek section of the regional Pinhoti Trail is open and being enjoyed by equestrians, bicyclists, and hikers, I am getting questions about how to find the place. See below. /Larry

Rock Creek trail section is 6.5 miles end to end, or one can extend on a nice surface gravel road for one more mile (by turning to the right, not left at the barricade gate). There is good horse water about 5 miles from the trailhead, and at two other smaller water sources. So the round trip ride distance is either 13 or 15 miles, depending on whether one rides that mile on the gravel road (FS 3). Scenery is nice. Some of the trail tread is steep and the side hill is also steep in places. Some folks say it feels like a western mountain trail. Anyway, I like it.

The new trailhead lot will hold at least ten horse trailer rigs. The trail exits the right-rear of the parking lot. Do not take the gravel road by the entrance to the trailhead as it is a private road. There will be 3.0 miles of single track, with good natural surface, then 3.5 more miles on an old closed Forest Service Road (road 3A).

Recent storms brought several trees down on the trail but those have been cleared as of yesterday (9/23).

Rock Creek-Dennis Mill Trailhead and Pinhoti Trail

The starting point for these directions is a few miles south of Chatsworth, at the junction of US 76 and US 411 in Ramhurst, GA.

· At this junction, turn off US 411 and go east about one block to the T-intersection. (Just for info, the convenience store/gas station here sells biscuits and coffee and other things you may like.)
· Turn right and go for perhaps 50 feet, then turn left onto Old Federal Highway (or road).
· Go about 1.1 or 1.2 miles and turn right on Dennis Mill Road
· Travel 1.2 miles until reaching the trailhead lot on your left. A few hundred yards before reaching the trailhead you will cross a single-lane bridge over Rock Creek.
· The Pinhoti Trail is accessed at the back end (north end) of the trailhead.
· The trailhead lot will hold probably at least 10 bumper pull trailers and trucks.


By Larry Wheat President BCHNWG

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